I used to have a really bad habit that when I went on holiday I would eat and drink everything in sight because it was either included in my package or it just looked too good to pass up. But now, because I travel full time, I have to watch what I eat at all times. I can't always be opting for that amazing pasta dish everyone talks about or have dessert with every meal, because I'm on vacation. I've always said moderation not deprivation.

I recently took a weeklong holiday on a cruise (yes travel bloggers need real vacations too), where I started slipping into my old holiday habits and ate and drank everything I could. When I returned back and jumped on the scale, the scale said I lost weight. Wait what? So I got on another scale thinking the first one was broken, and it showed the same numbers. WOOO (doing a little celebration dance). So how did that happen? Here are 10 tips that I follow on how to stay healthy on a cruise (or any other vacation).



Use the workout facilities

Cruise ships have amazing facilities! Use them!!! I have a rule of thumb, never miss more than 2 days of a workout, even on vacation. This keeps me on schedule and keeps my body moving so I'm motivated for the day. You don't have to do a full workout, but get 30 minutes of cardio in before you head down to breakfast (the walk to the gym itself will burn you some extra calories). It's a great way to kickstart your day and you won't feel THAT guilty throughout the day if you overindulge a bit.

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Drink tons of water

You should be drinking more water no matter what, but especially on a cruise, DRINK MORE WATER. You're consuming so much sodium in your food and alcohol dehydrates you. You're also in the sun all day which also dehydrates you, your body needs the extra water. It's easy to forget to drink your water though. What I do is I usually order about 2 cases of big waters before my cruise to load up and always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day will also help curb your appetite.


Watch your alcohol intake

I sure love a good cocktail, especially when I'm on holiday, and even more so on a cruise ship. I mean they have daily special cocktail concoctions that everyone loves to try, but those dang delicious cocktails are a ton of unwanted calories! Watch your alcohol intake! I'm not saying don't indulge in the alcoholic beverages, just watch what you drink. I personally prefer to eat my calories than drink them. I stay away from the fruity beach like drinks and stick to wine, champagne, or a vodka soda. Some of those fruity drinks can be upwards of 250 calories, drink two or three of those and you can forget about eating dinner.


Order half portions

Everyone always talks about how amazing food is on cruises, and that you can order everything on the menu at the same time. But what people forget about is that you can order anything YOU want. If you want to try that pasta dish that sounds too die for but it's too many calories, ask them to give you a half portion. This will also help you out mentally. Less food on your plate, less you will eat. This is why the Europeans are so skinny.

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Limit dining to only meals

Food is ALWAYS accessible on a cruise ship, no matter what time of day it is. It's probably the only place where you can wake up from a nap, being sick, or being drunk at any time of day, walk a few hundred feet and satisfy any craving you have. Limit your food to only meals though. If you limit yourself to eating only breakfast, lunch, and dinner you're less likely to indulge in unwanted calories from snacks you pick up along the way.

Order off the healthy menu

Cruise ships are aware of dietary restrictions. Each cruise line has a special menu that you can ask for that includes low fat, vegan, gluten-free, and more. All you have to do is ask for the special menu. Sometimes the lines will have a statement on the bottom of the menu saying something along the lines of ask us for our dietary menu or ask your server about substitutions. Again, this is your holiday and you should be eating what you want, just ask.


Always follow a bad meal with a good one, no excuses

NO EXCUSES. Bad meals happen, especially on holidays, make it a rule of thumb though that if you have a bad meal you will follow it with a good meal. If you have a slice of pizza for lunch, make your dinner a salad with some salmon. No excuses. This will even out your calories throughout the day and you won't feel as guilty.


Spa cafes are popping up everywhere

I love the new spa cafes that are popping up on cruise ships. Most of them carry coconut waters, smoothies, fresh juices, and I've heard some of them are even starting to carry healthy desserts in them. Take a look at your cruise packet to spot the spa cafe and definitely pay it a visit. Especially if you're a smoothie breakfast drinker like myself.

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Travel with a scale LOL

This is a general travel tip not just for a cruise ship tip. I always travel with a travel scale. I'm one of those people that gets mentally motivated when I see numbers on a scale. I'll weigh myself twice a week and if I see a drop or gain in weight I know I need to fix it. Otherwise, if I wait till I'm home I've most likely gained too much weight at that point. When I started traveling full time I didn't travel with a scale and ended up gaining almost 20lbs (in 3 months) because I wasn't mentally aware of how much I weight. Now I travel with this nifty travel scale.


Stay active, be so busy you forget to eat and have fun!

Cruise ships are amazing!!! There are so many different activities you can do on cruise ships these days it's amazing! Most of them offer a ton of different activities including, swimming, excursions, surfing, golf, rock climbing walls, obstacle courses, ice skating, workout classes, and much much more. Stay active, if you keep yourself busy with activities instead of lounging around then your body will be moving and burning calories. Stay so active that you forget to eat. And remember to have fun on your next cruise.

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